Privacy Policy 隱私政策


1. We use your personal information to fulfill your requests and serve you better. We do not share your personal details with outside third parties without your consent.

1. 您的個人資料只會被用於完成您的要求及為您提供更好的服務,未經您的同意,我們不會把您的個人資料交予第三者。

2. We will only send you materials you have indicated you want to receive, and we will honor your opt-out requests.

2. 我們只會把您希望獲得的資料寄給您,而且我們亦會尊重您停止接收相關資料的意願。

3. We use cookies to provide better functionality.

3. 我們使用瀏覽器的「Cookies」去提供功能更好的網頁服務。

4. We do reserve the right to use or disclose information in certain circumstances, such as to satisfy a legal request or protect our property.

4. 我們保留於特定情況下公開這些資料的權利,例如:滿足司法機關的要求,或保護我們的產權。

What are cookies?
“Cookies” are data files that a Web site sends to your computer while you are viewing the site. These data files include information that allows our site to remember important information that will make your use of the site more efficient and useful to you.



What if I don’t want cookies?
If you don’t want cookies, you can set your computer to warn you each time a cookie is being sent or turn off all cookies through your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). (Check your browser HELP menu to learn the correct way to change or update your cookies.) If you disable cookies, you may be unable to access some of the features noted above.


您可以在您的瀏覽器中停用「Cookies」的功能 (請參閱您的瀏覽器使用手冊),在您停用「Cookies」後,您可能無法使用網頁的某些功能。

How do you use my personal information?
We only collect personally identifiable data, such as names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and the like, when voluntarily submitted by a visitor. Visitors may choose to submit personal information to set up an account.

Personal information is used solely by us in order to respond to your requests (like fulfilling online shopping orders), and to better serve you, consistent with this policy.

UE Systems, Inc. 會怎樣使用我的個人資料



Anything else I should know?
We reserve the right to use or disclose any information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, to conduct investigations of consumer complaints or possible breaches of law, to protect the integrity of the site, to fulfill your requests, or to cooperate in any legal investigation.