Steam System Optimization Course

Learn more about how to run and inspect an efficient steam system.

Brought to you by UE Systems, Energy Technology Services with over 30 years of Steam system experience is presenting this course.

An interactive 1-2 day training course covering steam systems improvement opportunities and targeted to plant engineering & maintenance personnel to increase their knowledge of team system savings & optimization opportunities.

Class sizes are limited, so we advise to register early. Please note that we offer this in English, Dutch & German languages.

Introduction to Steam: Use of steam.

  1. Cost of Steam: How to determine the cost of steam; Factors affecting cost.
  2. Flash Steam: Why flash steam occurs; How to recover; How to justify recovering flash.
  3. Steam Leakage: Causes of steam leaks; Steam leakage cost; Steam leak correction.
  4. Blow down Heat Recovery: Applications and types; ROI calculations.
  5. Fuel Air Ratio Control & Combustion Monitoring.
  6. Internal Treatment – Chemistry: Treatment programs to provide water savings.
  7. Internal Treatment – Optimization: Optimizing cycles.
  8. Diagnostic and Testing Instrumentation.


Contact us for the possibilities to attend a steam system optimization course or view the ETS website.